Online Medical Assistant Schools

Although the requirements vary from employer to employer, these days if you want to secure a position as a medical assistant it is probable that you will need the minimum of a formal diploma and an increasing number jobs do call for an Associate’s Degree, especially for a Specialist Medical Assistant position or for those who aspire to practice management.

Most community colleges do offer medical assisting diploma and Associates Degree programs to on campus students. For many people though, attending a traditional campus based college, on either a full or part time basis, can be almost impossible. A great many of those who do consider medical assisting are working adults with families trying to better their situation for the sake of themselves and their families.

So while they may be eligible to receive financial aid to help with the cost of their education they still need to work to make all of their other ‘ends’ meet while they train for a new career. and that is where online medical assistant programs come in. An online program allows a candidate the flexibility to study when it is most convenient for them.

In order for a course of online study to be useful, it is crucial that a school is properly accredited by the state medical boards a candidate eventually hopes to work for, and that, unfortunately, is not always the case for all of the schools that advertise medical assistant programs.

All of the following schools are appropriately accredited and offer medical assistant programs that can be completed primarily online. If you are enrolling in a specialist medical assisting program it is likely you will have to complete some in person practical training, but doing so is made as convenient and flexible as possible:

Kaplan University – Associate of Applied Science in Medical Assisting

Kaplan offer students in all 50 states the chance to complete a fully accredited 2 year degree in Medical Assisting in an online classroom environment that is warm and supportive.

Fortis College – Associate of Applied Science – Medical Administrative Assistant 

This is another fully accredited two year degree program that provides students with a well rounded education that will enable them to pursue a career as an administrative medical assistant in a number of different settings, from a small doctor’s office to within a larger home healthcare agency, an industry that is expanding very rapidly as the Baby Boomer population ages.

Rasmussen College – Medical Administration Assist. Associate’s Degree 

Rasmussen College offers both online and campus based associate degree programs and focuses solely on the administrative side of medical assisting and provides a very in depth education that covers every aspect of that career path, including a formal understanding of the complex world of medical billing.

Penn Foster College – Associate’s Degree in Medical Assisting 

Penn Foster was an accredited distance learning school long before the Internet was ever invented, having provided correspondence courses since 1957. Their Associates Degree in Medical Assisting has more of a clinical focus and is an excellent choice for those who aspire to work in a smaller facility where a medical assistant’s duties tend to be far more diverse.

Westwood College – Associate’s Degree in Medical Assisting 

This is another very diverse online medical assistant program that covers both the ‘front end’ and ‘back end’ of the practice of medicine.

Ross Medical Education Center – Medical Assistant Program 

This diploma only course is an excellent foundation for those who want to enter the field of medical assisting at entry level and get into the ‘world of work’ as quickly as possible. The program is one of the few that will be accepted by other schools offering the more extensive Associates Degree programs as acceptable for credit, should a candidate later decide they wish to gain more education to increase their earning power and career opportunities even further.