Mercy Medical Center

Mercy Medical Center Baltimore MD  

In a city renowned for the quality of its technology, academia and medical prowess Mercy Medical Center stands out as one of the larger and better known multi-specialty hospitals in Maryland.

The History of Mercy Medical Center  

In 1874, six members of the Catholic Order of the Sisters of Mercy arrived in Baltimore, Maryland to begin running a budding healthcare facility called Baltimore City Hospital.

Back then it was a modest little building, a former local schoolhouse located right on the corner of Located in a former schoolhouse at the intersection between Calvert and Saratoga Streets in Downtown Baltimore. Despite its humble beginnings the Sisters had great hope for the success of their little hospital and well over a decade the facility have exceeded their original expectations by far.

Mercy Medical Center Today 

Today, although it still stands in approximately the same location as the original Baltimore City Hospital that the nuns founded it is now a nationally recognized and respected hospital that has won local and national acclaim for its diverse medical service, the level of the technology in use at the facility and for the high quality of the staff who work there.

It has been named one of the US’s top 100 hospitals on performance standards and quality of patient care and has, in the past, been named as one of the Top Ten women’s centers in the US based upon the standard of care offered in obstetrics, gynecology and cancer care.

In addition to these services Mercy offers a full range of medical services including vascular health, urology, pediatrics, gastroenterology, cardiology, minimally invasive and cosmetic surgery, ophthalmology, rehabilitative care for patients of all ages and emergency medicine.

Association with the University of Maryland 

The official relationship between Mercy Medical Center and the University of Maryland began in 1916 and has flourished ever since. Over the decades thousands of new doctors have trained at the facility and while some stay after their residencies are over others move on into other areas of the country or specialize in the research side of medicine of which Mercy Medical Center itself plays its part, especially in the fields of womens oncology and the study of liver disease. Research fellows and doctors affiliated with Mercy Medical Center have been especially acclaimed for their Breast Cancer Research in conjunction with the Susan G Komen for the Cure Foundation.

Initially students from the University of Maryland are offered training and the practical experience they are required to get at Mercy in the fields of Internal Medicine, Surgery, OB/GYN, and Pediatrics, as well as in Emergency Medicine, Psychiatry, Pathology and Ophthalmology and can opt to participate in research studies as time allows.