Alcohol Rehabilitation Centers

In the field of addiction and rehabilitation one of the most common reasons people seek treatment is still to deal with the issue of alcohol abuse. Alcohol abuse can be something that is very difficult for a person to admit to or to seek treatment for, especially since alcohol is a completely legal drug, with very few bars to its purchase other than age and being very easily available, even in supermarkets and gas stations in most states.

The effects of alcohol abuse are many though and it can be every bit as deadly as an addiction to any drug, legal or otherwise. The dangers are less well known though, as the vast majority of adults do drink alcohol at least occasionally and knowing when doing so has become a problem that calls for treatment can be very hard to determine.

There are also a great many different types of treatment available to those battling alcohol addictions, far more even than drug addiction treatments, and deciding which is best for a certain individual is difficult.

The most common route people take is to seek out and join their local chapter of Alcoholics Anonymous, as most communities do have at least one such group. For some, this does work, although it does call for an ongoing commitment. For those with a more serious problem, AA is the final maintenance step in their recovery, not the starting point and these people may better benefit from enrolling in a formal alcohol rehabilitation treatment program, often on an inpatient basis.

There is a little more controversy attached to certain methods used in the treatment of those dealing with alcohol addiction, especially when it comes to the use of medication to assist with withdrawal symptoms. Before choosing any treatment center or program researching the methods used and the documented success rates of these programs is something that you should certainly spend time investigating.

For many dealing with alcohol addiction issues the best course of action is to attend an inpatient program initially, especially as alcohol is so readily available and its use is perfectly acceptable in most adult social circles. There are a great many such programs and centers operating these days but these are some of the better known and respected of those alcohol rehabilitation centers:

Solutions Recovery Center

Located in Boca Raton, Florida, the Solutions Recovery Center has been in operation for over two decades and uses a ‘whole life’ approach to treatment, assigning a personal counselor to each patient who is a licensed therapist, as well as access to a medical staff for assistance in dealing with the physical effects of withdrawal. Most programs are in patient based and last for a minimum of ninety days. Family visits are allowed in the later stages of a patient’s rehab, and special family therapy sessions are a standard part of most treatments.

Betty Ford Center

The Betty Ford Center is one of the best known alcohol rehabilitation centers in the world (although it has now expanded to offer drug addiction treatments) Its founding in general was something of a revelation, as for a former first lady of the US to admit to a drinking problem in public was ground breaking in itself.

The Center follows a more unusual approach in that it recognizes the need to provide treatment not only for the alcoholic themselves but for their family as well. The 100 bed center offers intensive in patient programs as well as outpatient and day treatment centers.

Hazelden Treatment Centers

Founded in 1949 Hazelden is the oldest formal alcohol rehabilitation center in the US and one of the most accessible as they operate centers in Minnesota, Florida, New York, Oregon and Illinois. Their treatment modalities are based on the traditional 12 step method and also include family therapy and an ongoing support group for inpatient ‘graduates’ that is designed to serve as a bridge between leaving the facility and joining a local AA chapter.