US Top Medical Schools

The competition to get into a top medical school in the USA is fierce, but then again so is the competition among the top schools to attract the brightest and the best from the candidate pool every year.

In order to determine just which medical schools in the US really are the very best most people rely on an annual report that is produced, complied and published by the respected ‘US News and World Report’, a publication that ranks educational institutions from kindergartens, through high schools and colleges every year.

Although the positioning at the top has changed a little in 2013, most of the schools in the top ten tend to remain the same, although their actual position may change a little. In 2013 the top ten, as decided by a myriad of different ranking criteria, rounded out as follows:

Harvard University – Boston, MA

Stanford University – Stanford, CA

Johns Hopkins University – Baltimore, MD

University of California–San Francisco – San Francisco, CA

University of Pennsylvania (Perelman) – Philadelphia, PA

Washington University in St. Louis – St. Louis, MO

Yale University – New Haven, CT

Columbia University – New York, NY

Duke University – Durham, NC

University of Chicago (Pritzker) – Chicago, IL

Of all the medical schools on this prestigious list Harvard University is the largest in terms of total student enrollment, accommodating 700 students. The great majority of the others boast fewer than 500 students so as you can imagine, getting an acceptance letter from any one of these institutions, and the others that are just a few percentage points below them on the list, is a very big achievement indeed!